Greater New York Endoscopy Surgical Center

We provide you with the best care possible, in a warm and friendly environment.

Greater New York Endoscopy Surgical Center is a private, freestanding, ambulatory surgery center located in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn, New York. We provide you with the best care possible, in a warm and friendly environment.

Greater New York Endoscopy Surgical Center Office

The Center provides an appropriate setting in which members of its medical staff may perform outpatient ambulatory endoscopic procedures on their patients, consistent with the clinical privileges granted to each medical staff member by the Operator. The Center will establish and maintain the highest professional standards and commitment to excellence in care and considerate of the specific needs of our culturally diverse patient population.

In order to promote the highest quality of ambulatory endoscopic services, the Center will maintain a physical environment conducive to the provision of safe, efficient procedures; ensure that safe, effective and state of the art equipment and supplies are available for use by the Center's physicians and clinical staff; recruit, hire, affiliate with and maintain relationships with qualified, skilled physicians, other clinical staff, administrative staff, support staff and other providers; and provide effective continuing education and quality assurance/risk management programs. In addition, we serve as a resource for patients, families and physicians in the education and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

It is the mission of the Center to serve all persons in need of ambulatory endoscopic services, regardless of age, color, race, creed, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, payer source, or any other personal characteristics or qualification including the ability to pay.

Languages Spoken

English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Persian, Hebrew, Spanish.
We also have access to an interpreters service which translates over 200 languages.

Greater New York Endoscopy Surgical Center believes that:

  1. The components essential to high quality endoscopic care and services are accessibility, comprehensiveness, coordination, continuity, and accountability.

  2. Endoscopic care and services should be provided in an efficient and economic manner for the patient.

  3. All patients will receive quality care and services provided in accordance with the high standards set forth by the professional staff.

  4. All patients will be treated with consideration, respect and dignity, including privacy in their treatment.

  5. The staff is sensitive to the needs of our diverse religious and cultural population.

  6. Referrals to other health care agencies will be made, as necessary, to address identified health care needs of patients.

  7. The patient has the right to expect that any staff member providing care is qualified through education and experience to carry out the duties for which he/she is responsible.

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